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Looking for a great HR tool to help run HR in-house?  This is for you. By connecting HR, benefits and payroll processing on a single platform, your team gets time back and insights they need to focus on more strategic initiatives.

A platform for everybody

All-in-one HR platform that helps you manage workforce data, time tracking, attendance, time off, performance management and more.


    Payroll processing built right in

    “Three-click payroll” automatically syncs data across your platform, resulting in fewer data-entry errors, quicker payroll processing and a happier you.

    Modern benefits administration made easy

    With a single dashboard that you, your employees and your brokers share, your open enrollment and benefits admin is easy.  Employees enroll in plans right in the mobile app.

    All-in-one platform that helps you manage workfoce data, time tracking, attendance, time off, performance management and more.
    Ignite HR offers our HR platform with data and analytics.
    A complete HR platform that includes payroll processing and engagement tools.

    Tangible benefits, real satisfaction

    50% less time on-boarding new hires
    Save up to 1 week per year on HR administration
    90% less time spent on payroll and benefits

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