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Ignite HR is system agnostic, which means we will not force you to use our technology. If you love your payroll or HRIS system, there is no need to make a change.  We work with all systems including Paylocity, Trinet, Paycor, Paycom, ExponentHR, Personalized Payroll (PDP), ADP, Paychex, Netchex, WorkDay, and many more. If there comes a day when your current system no longer meets your needs, we can provide alternatives from which you can choose what is right for your business, and ultimately, you always make the choice.

Our HR Consultants are experts in utilizing technology to simplify your operations and eliminate compliance concerns.  We ensure you get the highest ROI possible from your HR technology investment. After you select the system that is right for you, we will be by your side every step of the way through implementation and beyond.


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